Fibre Offcut Selection Box - 300g

Fibre Offcut Selection Box - 300g

One artists offcuts, another ones treasure!


As you can imagine, with making my wall hangings I always have fibre offcuts where I cut more than I need (you would think I would have it spot on by now!!).  What better way to give them their own lease of life in a piece of art, weaving, handspun yarn, or craft, and offer you a selection of the cotton ropes and fibres I use and love.  These are perfect to have a go at rustic macrame feathers!


The box will have around 300g of mainly 100% cotton 3 ply rope, with some single twist cottons, and potentially some other fibre in too.  The make up of fibres will vary slightly but be similar to those photographed.


Please note you will find a loose knot in one end of most of the pieces, this can easy by untied.


Content and colours will vary slightly from those photographed, but the box will include a wide range of coloured fibres similar.  For reference, the box containing the fibres photogrpahed is 19cm x 19cm x 5cm.


Please keep out of reach of babies and children.


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